A Bad Time for Poetry

Homage to Bertolt Brecht

Sitting with an ankle in pain
Is nothing in comparison to the grainy..
..Photos of children trapped in Aleppo under siege
And foreign workers in Little Britain threatened daily

Hope in darkness there maybe
Although finding it hard to see
Memories of a liberal past fade away
A Neo-Liberal agenda makes headway

Such is the state of affairs today
Is this the worst, or is the worst her to stay
May day, May day
Is there no help is on the way?

Attempts to Cut Corbyn Leaves Labour affray
When solidarity must have a say
Nationalist sentiments are creeping up today
Stronger than ever much to our dismay

Is this a bad time for poetry?
No, words bring back life with rosary
They can shape diplomacy
Or cut out xenophobia and apathy

So I continue to write
Despite all my fright
That has so much weight
Must let go, to find strong gait