Approaching Shadow

Fan Ho (c) 1955
Approaching Shadow

Masks of personality
Hide core of vulnerability
Layers of nobility
Frayed by hostility

Drumming heart beat
Mistakes lead defeat
What can be undone
To a brighter sun

Words are life 
Yet bring on strife
Printed upon skin 
Reveal ingrained chagrin

Delayed beginnings 
Precluded by inner findings 
Cautious pathfinding
Aware of what`s binding 

Fighting layers of fear 
Sometimes need to disappear
Breaking out drawing near
Moving towards what holds dear

Duality collapses with sincerity 
Mixing colours with dexterity
Passage to unity
beyond passivity

No way Jose, fear tries to say
Let it loose, from the noose 
Its' gonna be OK
Courage finally has its' way